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Бесплатное тестирование по английскому языку

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1. John ________his grandparents every Sunday.

a. visit
b. is visiting
c. has visited
d. visits

2. Mary and her sister __________ dinner now.

a. has
b. is having
c. have
d. are having

3. We haven't got__________ cheese.

a. any
b. much
c. no
d. some

4. "____________ I go to the beach now? No, do your homework first"

a. should
b. can
c. do
d. must

5. David is _____ than his brother.

a. the youngest
b. not as young
c. younger
d. as young

6. There is a big supermarket in our street. _____ supermarket was built last year.

a. A
b. Some
c. The
d. Any

7. ________ your something warm. It's cold today.

a. Take off
b. Take on
c. Put on
d. Put off

8. If you give somebody something, e.g. a cup of tea, you say "____________"

a. Not at all
b. Here you are
c. Please
d. Thanks

9. Watch out! You __________.

a. are falling
b. are going to fall
c. were falling
d. have been falling

10. When I was walking in the park this morning I _______ my friend.

a. have met
b. am meeting
c. met
d. had been meeting

11. Excuse me. How can I ___ to the nearest bus stop from here?

a. walk
b. come
c. get
d. go

12. He is an early bird and he _____ gets up late.

a. hardly ever
b. ever
c. always
d. usually

13. I _____ play in the team unless they find a new captain.

a. don't
b. wouldn't
c. won't
d. didn't

14. _______ to Paris?

a. Will you ever be
b. Are you ever
c. Were you ever
d. Have you ever been

15. The thieves _________ by the police yesterday afternoon.

a. were caught
b. caught
c. had been caught
d. had caught

16. You have ______ a lot of mistakes in your test.

a. done
b. had
c. made
d. got

17. I ________ give this CD back to Amy. She wants it for the party tomorrow.

a. may not
b. could
c. mustn't
d. don’t have to

18. There is very ______ honey in the jar.

a. many
b. little
c. few
d. a lot of

19. A laptop is a computer ______ can be used anywhere.

a. what
b. who
c. which
d. where

20. She is your neighbour, ________?

a. doesn't
b. hasn't
c. isn’t she
d. does she

21. ________ you apologise or I’ll never speak to you again.

a. Either
b. Nor
c. Neither
d. Or

22. __________ has ever presented me such jewelleries!

a. Anyone
b. Everyone
c. No one
d. Somebody

23. Do you know what time ___?

a. their train arrives
b. will the train arrive
c. does the train arrive
d. the train will arrive

24. If the film wasn’t so boring, I _______ asleep.

a. have fallen
b. will fall
c. wouldn’t have fallen
d. wouldn’t fall

25. I _______ you at the party, but I couldn’t see you.

a. looked up
b. looked into
c. looked at
d. looked for

26. Sam is very ________. He never lies.

a. brave
b. honest
c. polite
d. cheerful

27. He said he ________ a great TV programme last night.

a. had seen
b. has seen
c. saw
d. would see

28. My mum ______ her car cleaned now.

a. has
b. is having
c. will have
d. will be having

29. A large vehicle that is used for transporting things is ______.

a. minibus
b. lorry
c. tram
d. van

30. Our passports ____ every time we go abroad.

a. checked
b. being checked
c. are checked
d. check

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